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Reviews for "And Roll those credits..."


I'm not too familiar with the New Wave genre (probably the only piece I've heard from it is Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint), but I found this piece to be pretty enjoyable. It certainly could work for a credits theme, given the mood is more subdued than face-paced. The only thing that kinda bothered me was the cymbal crashes - it sounds like they've been severly undersampled, or something - very lo-fi in comparison with the rest of the piece. But other than that, mixing-wise it's pretty good. Nice job.

Loosemore responds:

Thanks for the review!
You're right about the crashes. Even on the original mp3 (192 kbps) they sound a bit impotent.
I have to admit that was laziness on my part. I tend to just drag 'n' drop loops without really getting my hands dirty.

Thanks again for the comments, everything helps (I'm kind of learning as I go...)