Reviews for "Spirited Steed (Piano Imp"


Aah, the sheer beauty of piano. All those notes open rivers of images, vivid pictures of the deepest and most poetic aspects of everyday life. An endless stream of thoughts in the perpetual night, crystallized within our conscious mind, breaking mirrors of deception.

I like to imagine myself as the wind, gently riding on the prairies on a sunny morning, when listening to this track. It blows and it storms until it dies, kissing a flower.

Outstanding work, and frankly I didn't even care about the minor mistakes scattered through the track.

MrMusicalLion responds:

I love the way you describe my music, it is poetry to my ears. Thankyou for listening - I am glad you enjoyed it ^_^


Beautiful - I hope the occasional vocals are there to protect against pirating. Anyway, very nice with a delicate, ethereal feeling. Is there a site we can buy your tracks without the vocals? Also like to know if this is an audio recording or electronic.

MrMusicalLion responds:

Hi! First of all - thankyou for taking the time to review this. Very much appreciated.

//-EDIT, The supposed vocals were from a youtube video that the user had left on in the background. This track does not have any noise or vocals in it :) -//

As for buying tracks.. I do have two physical CD albums. You can get them via my store.. at http://mrmusicallion.yokaboo.com/

I have not yet ventured into online track/album sales.. I shall let you know when I do.