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Reviews for "LOVEBLIMP"


The phrase "Make Love Not War" squeezed into a tiny little flash... and it turns out pretty well!

Even though the flash is quite short and the graphics are a bit sloppy I like this flash. The message is transported simple and well.

You chose the music very well, as every piece suits the scene it is used in.

But you should try to improve you graphics. As I've already written, they seem to be kind of sloppy. Maybe using a smaller tool can help you here. And sometimes one has to draw a line serveral times before it is perfect ;) . This is of course hard work, but I think at the end of the day it will pay off and resulting in a higher score.

{ Review Request Club }

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, yeah, the graphics were rushed, I started and finished it on valentines day, so, very tight schedule, but with some more time I've got a better attention to neatness and detail (but even there, I'm still looking for lots of helpful tips). Flash isn't really my domain, but at the same time, I've got an affinity for all forms of media, and I like to play around in flash and see what results will come out. I'm glad you liked the message, I think that it's something that's not told enough, so I'm really glad that came through the sloppy graphics.
Thanks for your review.


This is nice for the occasion. The art was acceptable and the music was nice, a bit short, but thats not an actual problem.
Nice work.

WritersBlock responds:


Yeah, if I do some more animating in the future, graphics and length would be the first things I'd want to improve on.

Cheers for the review.


It didn't really have too much going on and the animation wasn't all that adventurous to start with. The menu was okay, simple and easy to use, the graphics where pretty decent too although there could have been more maybe clouds or something. Some explosion effects too, the movement of the blimps was pretty good though.

The music was good, and the sound, but I just couldn't really see the text fitting in all that well. It did work as showing what it was about but maybe it could have been done a little diffrent, not sure how. The movement of the blimps was slow but I would expect that, so that's okay. On a whole, it was kind of short and didn't have too much happening, expanding would have been nice.



= Review Request Club =

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, this animation is far from a masterpiece, and if I did make it again, I'd probably change so many things. Your comments were very helpful, I appreciate it a lot. ^_^

Cheerful and bright.

~!Good Points!~
-Cheerful, and very happy. Made my day.
- Funny.
-It was pretty good concerning graphics.

- The drawing could be a little better.
- my computer started running slower during the "evil" blimp part. I think I kicked it on accident. ;)

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, the evil blimp part was done poorly, I just chucked heaps of the blimps in there, and it slowed right down...

Good vibrations.

That was pretty cool.

Simple plot, but nice vibes. Also, the graphics for the smiling blimps and the end song pretty much make it.

The graphics near the start leave something to be desired. The words could have been better decorated - maybe having 3d-style block letters or something for 'love' etc and more angular letters for 'war' etc.

The bomb could have used some shading and the frame for when the green blimp drops his cigar could have been better.

Also, the blurry rainbow doesn't fit in brilliantly with the crisp vectors in my opinion.

Your smiling faces rock though, the hearts-as-smoketrails are awesome and the song is brilliant.

Makes me smile, despite slight graphical issues.

-Review Request Club-

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, it's not the best, but the style is simple and attractive, despite the flaws.

Maybe next year I could put more time and effort into a Loveblimp-2. LOL
Thanks for the review.