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Reviews for "LOVEBLIMP"

good work!

That is the bestes first flash I have seen. IT NEEDS A 5 XD

WritersBlock responds:

This is my only first flash!
Happy <3 day!

lol i only watched a few seconds of this

I was busy

and that was all I needed to give it a 5 anyway, blimps of war are awesome

I should really watch the rest...

WritersBlock responds:

Blimps of love are even more awesome, they dance and expel love hearts! ^_^
Thanks for the 5!
Happy couples day!


Haha, this is a real happy animation, brightened up my day :) A bit short, but with a clear message and good music, perfect tribute to lovely day of days. The animation hacks a little when the army of blimps go flying, but that may just be my slow computer. Anyhow, great flash, good choice of colors, everything. Transitions are pretty simple, but everything fits in nicely with the music, so it's all good. Keep it going!


WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it's pretty jerky around that part for me too.


Pretty good. The Message is pretty clear. It actually relates to Racism & The war against Irak. That is what it appears to me. Anyway Awesome Flash good Music.

WritersBlock responds:

I think it can mean different things to different people. For me, the movie is about how people are so quick to start a fight or argument, and when they realise how stupid they were, thinking small issues could be resolved through fighting, when they could have been resolved through communication.
Thanks for your review and perspective. It's nice to see how you interpreted it.



My day has just been made =D


WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, have a cow.