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Reviews for ".Dots."


I have been playing this for ages... it's so addictive lol.
Really fun to play, and challenging so it takes a while to finish.
Great idea and brilliant features with the different characters/stats etc.

Great game =)

-Lame xx

give this:

Best noob game that ive ever played!

Pretty cool.

Pretty interesting for such a basic concept. Multiple characters and difficulties are nice. Nice job.

great game,

this style of gameplay was becoming stale (theres been a few of theese avoider type games submitted lately) but this is the superior version of the theme, you've done some vast improvements.

4/5 9/10 only because it's been done before, although nowhere near this well. this is a great game that seems like it would appeal to everyone.

my favorite features are all the ulockables, the fact that the avatars look different is great, but when they also have stats that differ, you shold definatley check this game out.
also it's wonderful how you added complexity to such a simple game.


Perfect game

Fun, easy to understand, addictive. This game has all of the factors of a good game. keep it up.

I think lives would be a nice addition to this game. Maybe a customizable character section.

I like