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Reviews for ".Dots."

simple , great, and addictive

this game is great imm playing since a while
and i have to say its really well done. i really like it
keep up with the good worK! :D

Oh, Snap!

Really, fun.

Easy enough for me to try, hard enough to get me hooked, but not enough to make me quit.


Very adictive. Best gaem i played in a while. NIce.


At first it seems very simple, and of questionable quality-- but once you get past the fact that you're a circle collecting dots, the core gameplay is great.

The best feature of the game is easily the different characters. I'm currently torn between the puffball or the small ball with the hiked up pants-- I can't get more than 52 on hard. I've played this game for at least an hour, and I can't get that last guy

Could you at least tell me what it is and what it does? I'm never gonna make it to 60, and I'm going to punch a wall if I don't stop playing pretty soon. Replay value is amazing; it's pleasantly frustrating.

You may not get frontpaged due to the graphics, only because they're deceptively simple-- but I think this game does deserve that coveted spot.


simple yet effective and VERY addictive lol i cudnt stop playin it for a good hour. unlocked everyting too.