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Reviews for ".Dots."

Love It

So, you'd think that moving around collecting dots while avoiding other dots is something that you might play for two minutes before deciding that it was too easy and stop playing.
Wrong. Oh, so wrong.
This game is very addicting, and gets hard fast. The thing that makes this game great is the wide variety of characters and the players want to achieve all of them. However, this system is flawed in places where the player work so hard for the next level only to find that the next character does not work as well for the player as the last one. This can be remedied by having a "store" for different faces rather than just level progressing.

Screw CrazyMonkeyGames, this is addictive

This is so perfect. Nice job.

starBlinky responds:

Thanks :)

CrazyMonkeyGames at least replied to my emails which was good.. I am a little pissed at ArmorGames though..


Super simple but, I like it, was fun, good job fun new char.'s


very good.


very adictive