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Reviews for ".Dots."


Yet slightly lacking in graphics. Could be better.

great game

Very unique. Didn't lag, great simple characters. The many different varieties. And I loved how you used the song "Dreaming of You".

Better done than i though possible

This idea really isnt a new one...but its so well done in this case that i think its very successful. i loved the new characters and they made me replay a level over and over. a few minor complaints though (and i assume you intended this one) but the newer characters arent necessarily better. i found the unhappy face to be the best for a while. also, the fact that this doesnt save progress is a huge bummer. i dont really want to have to work all the way back up the chain now that i closed briefly to write a review.

nice game

really liked the music

I don't understand how . . .

Anyone could rate this lower than 5. All my base are belong to .Dots. You know how, in your yearbook, people used to write "Don't ever change?" Well now I know what that would mean if people actually meant it. This game is awesome. Don't ever change.

Except one little thing. Please let it save progress?