Reviews for "Massive Destruction"


really good bit o randomness bito funny and irony thats what i like really awesome keep em comming kid

P.S. nice work on clear visions

Not bad!

I give it 8/10 since I know your were just practicing, but for just doing that this came out pretty good. I like how your putting time into your work by practicing, and it's also cool how your confident enough to let everyone see your stuff that your just practicing on, or it might be that you just don't care and I like that!! Keep up the hard work, hope to see more from you like Clear Vision I & II, which love!!

Daani responds:

Thanks man:) I really like when someone actually has something good to say in the reviews.
And trust me, you'll see more of my work:)

Take Care!

Great Scenery!

I thought the guy suddenly popping up with that face was halarious!
Your scenery is amazing! The people are ok, but practice will definatly fix that.
Keep it up! I love all your stuff so far :)

Daani responds:

Thanks man:) yeah I know the people is not the best but I'm constantly improving!


very funny!!!

that very funny lol........

Lol funny

this is happening and true but funny well done m8