Reviews for "East Clubbers Drop (SakuraMix)"


Honestly, I feel like I must dance to this.. Which is rare. <3 Amazing.


Awesome remix of an awesome song!!! I'm putting this song in the happy hardcore playlist right next to the original. I'll be honest though, I do so miss the original voice track, but it's still amazing! :)

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

yes i miss the voice too. i would do more remixes with voice if i could ever get my hands on an acapella :P if you know where i could find some that would be great :D

Reminds me of my youth

Nice rave man, definitely makes me wanna move.
That's how I rate my music.

Keep it up.

Nice alt name

Indeed... Skillz make mad killz... It's called a pentakill in LoL, beyond godlike in CS, unbreakable in Crossfire, and so many other awesome games...
Stay unbreakable, miss beyond godlike pentakiller d[O_O]b
(Rocking out to this with Skullcandy RocNation 40mms! WOOOOH!)

Nice Trance

...Keep up your effort to fullfill your dreams...