Reviews for "East Clubbers Drop (SakuraMix)"

plz put it on this website


I love this song alot and want to put it here


Really like it, happy and bouncy, not heard the orignial i dont think so im gonna check that out, and grats on #3 for the week, hope you get more up there :3



............was...waaayyy awesome!!! lol i loved it it was better than the original :D very nice :D!


This is one of my favourite East clubbers's songs ever, and (in my opinion) the original is far from your stuff ,but it is a good job anyway!
I suggest you to take the "drop the base" from fhe original song. the very first one you can hear in the club mix of the original track is perfect bacause is sad in a total silence.....


Gratz on being #3 of the week!!!! ^^

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

thanks (: