Reviews for "Heavy Metal Piper"

Hahaaahh, you got Piper down! Love the amount of detail on the robotic limbs and robotic areas on Piper, lol. Though I'm not ENTIRELY sure she has the key to the Sleepycabin JUST yet tho!

Seriously man, fantastic job on this! I'm a pretty big fan on this sort of artwork, and the amount of small little references and amazing attention to detail on everything are absolutely incredible. This is why you're one of my favorite artists here, cause you can make a sick-ass metal illustration if you want to.

deathink responds:

Thanks my man, it really means a lot to me.

Cyborg punk girls like this seem about as heavy metal as it gets judging by the animated movies.
Spectacular work on the prosthetic parts and guns.

How did this entry fare?

deathink responds:

It didn't win :((((((

Love it! What's wrong with her arm and eye?

You definetly should be making comics for a living(that if you're not already doing it) you're awesome.