Reviews for "Bambee"

fucking hilarious

One of the funniest things on newgrounds in a long time, even better than the original bamby. Made in 3 weeks?? thats insane. Keep it up

I can't say enough...

The comedic timing was brilliant, the animation was very fluid and the art itself was very well done, the sounds were in sync and the voice acting is very funny and done brilliantly. I loved this and would like to see more Disney animation parodies from you.
Brilliant work! Cheers!
-Harlan Liam Clark


This is so and great animation by the the way!

Holy s**t!

That movie kicked my ass in a most pleasant manner.


OMG man i remember watching htat movie when i was like3, I am so glad you ripped it like you did. I almost died laughing, i mean i seriously would have given you a 5 for teh first part alone! Keep up the great work, and please, please do more. Any disney movie, take your pick, you can do it!