Reviews for "Bambee"

es el cid!

author of megaman versus quick man and of TANK HOMBRES (a personal favorite) of course its gonna kick ass!

hey cid, todas tus peliiculas son asi de chingonas?
por cierto, esa es animacion cuadro por cuadro pero... dibuada en papel y pasadaa la compu vdd?

El-Cid responds:

Gracias senor. Glad you liked. :D

I used a tablet to draw the pictures straight into Flash.

I rofl'd.

I love it!

amazing spoof

quality work and this was so funny, this is the best flash i've watched today. excellent job, pat yourself on the back. :-)


oh my god! i eh....whatthefuckwasthat?!!!! i mean....ok ehm uh that was very well done and very funny...in a horribley scary way. good work. consider mental help.


This was really funny. It was worth watching for the birth sequence alone.
The rest was pretty good as well.

And the animation gives it a really disney-eque feel.

Great job, this deserves a much higher score!