Reviews for "Bambee"

El Cid, I come back here 6 years later cause I still remember this animation so well. I'm truly grateful that you made it.

There's this philosopher that implied we are "saved" from the meaninglessness of things by way of creative works, something for which we can look back on what we created and take solace in it, and say, "There, that was it. That was the day it all started." I hope this is that for you.

El-Cid responds:

Totally. :)

Game over man! Game over!

Good, but like you said the composition is bad.
And i'm pretty sure bambi is shit. indeed, good job!

El-Cid responds:

I didn't say anything about the composition.


WOW that was hilarious, gross but hilarious.
I wonder how many "ruined childhood" comments this got, im not looking through 988 comment pages to see though.
Im definitely going to look at your other uploads soon.