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Reviews for "Autumnglory"


Whoa man!You have the most amazing sence of coloring in the universe...the colors make me feel so happy ...The objects are so damn realistic...I even think this is the best thing in the WORLD!For a moment I tought that i am there ... there are so many details that I can't even see them all ! I don't know where did you learn all this stuff...man...you should start sell your paintings cuz you just kicked Da vinci's arse! =) Good lord... wish you the best! :)

Kamikaye responds:

hey lol thanx for your kind words :D


This one wowed me. I found the background very good, awesome =D

Like the second guy below me...

Awesomeness at its best...

Nice Work!

I like this. Good job making this 3d-like art! 10 stars for you XDDD

If you don't like this...

You might not have eyes. And even then, there is no excuse.

Mixture of idealism and realism at it's best. Bold colors in a pallet of blues and reds and a few soft yellows.
Strength in this, there is.

Kamikaye responds:

Wohow thx for your kind words :D