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Reviews for "Autumnglory"


everytime i look at another of your pictures its even greater than the one i looked at before. Your skills are awesome!


This is perhaps the second or 3rd time iv'e ever given a 10 star.
Words cant really describe what i feel looking at it.
You have true talent.


To look upon this is to look into your mind, and what a beautiful mind you have.

can't stop looking at your drawings

are these paintings, are they all done on the computer? you have a really beautiful touch with color, shape, texture and definitely depth! very original as well, you should consider selling posters or something. ha i'm jealous that this is only your hobby, i thought i'd given up on the art portal.

Kamikaye responds:

Yea theyre done entirely on PC :) Selling posters is a bit tricky here though. I do via Deviantart but their prices are just horrible , so i understand that no one buys a print there. But If I sell them here in germany directly Id have a bunch of tax-stuff to fill in and if I forget something id have to pay fees higher than the money I could ever earn with print sellin, so I dont sell them.

Wow, man, really wow

It's incredible, the perspective, the colors' harmony, congratulations for your great work! I wonder if some day pops a divine inspiration in you and you dont get out your room for 24+ hours haha, certainly you would create a photograph of another dimension or parallel universe.

hope u get even better! artists change the world by chaging men, little by little

Kamikaye responds:

Oh wow , thank you for your kind words :D

Im always on it ^^