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Reviews for "Autumnglory"

A glorious glimpse of a whole other world! I love the color, and LIFE that it seems to breath, from the whisking of the wind in the leaves and sleeves to the spaceships in the hazy, sunlit sky... beautiful work!


Yeah, you're my favorite artist on this website now. I'm glad to know you got a Daily Feature for this. I'm glad to know there are Daily Features for any art pieces. You just make consistently awesome pictures. I love the way you drew those birds. You give off the notion of them being in a great alien world.

Of course, the best part is probably the ships that appear in the background. I love how they slowly get up. The Sun looks like a giant ball of light in the middle of the clouds. Hey, maybe that's how it is on their planet. I hope you make cartoons featuring these awesome worlds. I love them all.

What inspired you?

The feeling this gives you is trully amazing.

Kamikaye responds:

Imagination, wishful thinking of a place far far away :)

hmm, let me guest....Istanbul in future?

Nice Job!!

Nice, epic and beautiful... almost perfect