Reviews for "Hunt of the Shoopacabra"


The emo bears was hilarious

Alpha-Nuva responds:

There were two. Therefore, they WERE.


it ownz all the madness moobies!


Awesome! I wish i had a uber pack! maybe not 'chops though...

Love it. going to favorites.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

The uber pack comes with the mutton chops when you purchase one or more items off of the value menu. This purchase cannot be combined with any other offer.

O: Enlightenment

O: dad is a rapist

The nigel pack was great
and the Shoopacabra yas even better xD
Great flash, I DEMAND MORE >:D

I give you a ten

It was very good. It wasn't about like some ninja against the world, this was like about a Shoopacabra trying to get his freedom. That is why it was so good, and it had featured many different characters. I like this movie! I'm adding this to my favorites! And Great Job!

Alpha-Nuva responds:

It was about Shoop trying to gain freedom. Not the Shoopacabra. Although, with Dad's dick in his mouth, I guess he wants freedom.