Reviews for "Cloverfield : The Game"

clicking contest?

BOOOORING..... put in some of those little guys, give the monster health and be able to call in an air strike, or tanks or somthin.. this is just too boring

Virusalert responds:

That wouldn't be a bad idea, look forward to updates.


I love Cloverfield and it's great that you're making a game for it. However there are a few things I'd like to note.

The graphics were sketchy, I liked the graphic of the monster but the city buildings were a little awkward looking a the crosshair was pretty weird too, the graphics on it kept lagging behind when I would try to move it.

Also it'd be better of the timer were an actual second counter or something, the flashing bar is kind of hard to look at and understand exactly how much time you have left. Maybe throw in some more levels or ways to increase your time or something like that a little variety and it'd be a pretty neat game!

Keep it up!

Virusalert responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I planning to make more stuff for this. I'll be putting it in the update. I believe that i might change some of the meters.


personally I thought it was kinda dumb...
if you ever make a cloverfield game it should be a mapped/RPG game and not a 'Who can click fastest' game...
Kudos to trying to make a CF game but minus points for the bad quality, lack of point, and lack of anything really decent...
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Virusalert responds:

No. I think that would be dumb. Making it an RPG that wouldn't work. Cloverfield can't be made into an RPG, that's like making a STREETFIGHTER RPG.

i dont like these kinda games

things 2 improve on , the shootings too slow nd the monster shud move 2 different scenes , the way i see it , cloverfield would be gud as a first person shooter for nxt generation consoles , i know they didn't have guns in the movie but that would make it fun.


that was the best game ever imgona play a 42nd time!!! "this is skidmore102,s lawyer....i would like to say that every thin he has said in this review is not official and he acgually thought this game was shity fuck twat(not very good)