Reviews for "Cloverfield : The Game"


cool game loved the film and i came first yay even though im first to probably play it great flash

Virusalert responds:

Thanks, and glad you liked it!

its cool

i loved the game its cool but u should make it better!!! okay oh and the movie was awsome but they didnt get to kill the monster and the monster lived and killed the world the ending was sad but then again it was happy too its weird and i think the the movie was the first to make someone hold a camare and make it seem like there is a camare in the movie and how it would fall and stuff its really good!! lol

Virusalert responds:

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked the game. I could make the monster move the way I wanna but, I wanted to capture the feeling of the movie as much as I could.


you know, I read the comments first and Thought *this is gonna be like crap* but when I played it , it was good. Its not the best but it seemed good.


sweet game

oohoho man 998 babay yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahooo

Fun, could be better

Definetely a good timewaster.

Oh BTW, 1196 bitches.