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Reviews for "Make A Tonberry 2"

Great for FF fans

There a few things that made me laugh, including making a chubby king tonberry!

Great game, just goes to show that dress up games can be done really well when the effort is put in. 5/5

Make more FF dress ups, characters or more monsters, it woulds all be cool if they are like this.


Very awesome and in depth, also thanks for adding our music. I appreciate it!

JackalTonberry responds:

Heheh no prob man.
It fit well :)


Evoked memories of FFIX and FFXI.... the ones in the FFXI Den of Rancor made other tonberries look semi-tame, cause other tonberries didn't link up to 20 of them at once... nor did they move as fast...


this is awesome,my first random was awesome.thanx for making this!

hey ummm....

is there a way i can upload my tonberry to my computer? if so please, please, PLEASE tell me!