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Reviews for "Make A Tonberry 2"


I really enjoyed it, although I would've liked a few more of the categories to have "None" for a selectable option, like the tail. Some of the early tonberries had short tails that you wouldn't see for that angle, plus I think too much stuff really clutters it up. That and some way to save it, but I doubt that that would happen. Anyway, I liked it a lot, really fun whilst it lasted.


Originally Wouldve voted 8,but then i found you added sora
s hair :D


its alright got boring though i went in knowing it was a build a character it was a decent one but im just not a fan of this type of game i kind of wish a ground breaking game of this sort would come along but so far no luck better luck next time.

NIGHTS refernce

I made guy that looks just like Nights. (expect the tail) Great job

Not too shabby

I'm not a big fan of these "games," (I mean, yeah, you made something, now what?) but this one wasn't too bad, and kept me occupied for a few minutes. It was pretty good for basically being a glorified dress-up game.