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Reviews for "Make A Tonberry 2"

well, it works...

the problem is it just wasn't very engaging.
i mean, the graphics were nice and the weapons were well drawn, but in all honesty, why would i want to make a tonberry?
i'm not trying to bash your flash(es), as i see that all of your previous submissions have been tonberry related. this just, well, wasn't very fun. you grab a two out of 5 because i think there is enough effort to warrant not blamming it and all, of course, but in the future, i dunno, make your flashes a bit more worth while, i guess. be more innovative, even. i'm sorry to sound like such an ass.

JackalTonberry responds:

Yeah I know.
But this isn't exactly supposed to be an engaging game.
I'm aiming it at the person who just wants to mess around in something for a bit, not the person that wants to go on a giant adventure or something.


Nice. Ive only played FFIII on the DS, and i dident recognize any wepons (i dont even know what a toonberry is ;) but it was cool either way