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Reviews for "Make A Tonberry 2"


That game is cool, whoever made this is a complete genius. I give this a 5, Great job.


It's awsome but u should be able to play a game where u can kil lstuff ^_^!


I've got to say, this is easily the best game of this type I've seen. The detail was amazing, but like people have said before, it would be cool if you could do stuff with them. Anyway, great game.

Really fun to make

Only one problem: it should be possible to USE your tonberry. Maybe be able to show off your tonberry to other people. I had an adorable dog-lookin' tonberry, and no one to show it to. That's what's keeping you from a perfect 10. Make that improvement, and it'll be just gravy.

I loved fighting them so much

Was there a secret withTonberrys. I think there was in 8 to make it a summon or someting. Oh, well awesome game, well i wouldnt call it a game. Uh, its fun to try once i guess.