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Reviews for "Make A Tonberry 2"


very diverse an original

great job and congrats

Personally, I think you did a wonderful job. Nice graphics... simple but that's Tonberry for you. I'm a big Final Fantasy fan and i had fun making my Tonberry. By the way, Higuy1818, the male and female are not mixed up... the mirror looking one is female and the one that looks like an arrow jutting out of a circle is male. The one that is BLACK is the one that is chosen and the one that is WHITE is the one that you would have to click on to use.

Pretty good!

It had alot of variety and it was fun! Good job you should continue making stuff!

Somebody would have to be crazy to h8 this

This is very good.I had fun creating my tonberry but while it was loading I almost closed it and I'm glad I didn't.Keep it up!

pretty dang good

i made this demon that looked awsemm!! it would be better if u addid some more backrouns and u should be able to make more than 1 person k?? just a heads up..