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Reviews for "25 Boxes"


I had a score of 127193 :D
is that good? :p
its a cool game ;)
maybe make it more harder by mixing symbols, letter and numbers..
that would be a real challenge! :D
but its cool tough ;)

i like it!!!

I had fun playing it and I got # 8 in the top 10 so i'm happy about that too... but u should make it longer and like options (hard or easy)

140711 after 4th try. I win! too easy lol good job with the design

Very simple, but still great!

The one big improvement I would suggest is adding a "How good is your score?" thing at the end. I thought I did quite well, but since it doesn't tell me I don't actually know!

Also, maybe take the time limit down a little bit, since it was so easy complete in the time given.

Great idea...

but to short and to easy ... i want to see more :)