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Reviews for "25 Boxes"

it was good

but you could have added differnt obsticals like shapes insted of boxes made out of little boxes anyhow the game is worth it and if you like memory match play this game
your friend kojeen-san


The game was a little too easy. The only error I got was when my fingers slipped. I'd suggest harder and more levels, and maybe additional music. Other than that, the game was fine.

Good Concept

It's a good concept, I thought the game was a little easy though. Score: 134,462.
Also when the number you had to get was in the very middle, it didn't matter if the board was flipped because the middle is always the middle. So making targets not appear in the middle would make it a bit more challenging.

matpg responds:

that with the nothing in the middle is a good idea, maybe for the sequel.

Very simple, but still great!

The one big improvement I would suggest is adding a "How good is your score?" thing at the end. I thought I did quite well, but since it doesn't tell me I don't actually know!

Also, maybe take the time limit down a little bit, since it was so easy complete in the time given.


I had a score of 127193 :D
is that good? :p
its a cool game ;)
maybe make it more harder by mixing symbols, letter and numbers..
that would be a real challenge! :D
but its cool tough ;)