Reviews for "Tooth Paste Man 2"

An Improvment

Heh, I remember watching your first one. That one seemed really low pace. I forgot what I rated it in the end...
But I can see an improvment in this one. The fact that I wasn't bored while watching it was evidence that you're shrugging off the slow pace of your last one. But then again, you still need to speed up things a little.
Everything seems average here. It's hard to critic, which means you've got something right. But there's nothing outstanding about it either. You art style is fine and the audio is also fine. You could work a little on your humour, but otherwise, it was up to scratch.
You may want to consider finding or making music to fit with your movie to make it better, Like the opening song, but all the way through. The only parts when you don't need music is when you say to yourself "there shouldn't be music there". However, music is hard to make or find if you want it to suit your movie.
All in all, it's alright. Keep working on it!

Torrunt responds:

Thanks for the advice :D I'll keep trying to improve.


That was pretty random, but in a good way! My favorite part was the oreo commercial. Are you gonna come out with a toothpaste man 3?


this is pretty funny,the animation is good.


Front page quality here! Great job. =-D