Reviews for "Tooth Paste Man 2"

Oh Golly Gosh!

That was fantastic. So underated though, that deserved a 3.80 - 4.00. The way people vote these days is just stupid, I should know... I made a 5min cartoon that took me 3 months and it got a 3.54, I just don't get it.

I'm going to vote 5 on this as much as possible >:D

P.S Voice acting was best I've ever heard. Seriously...


The animation was pretty average..
Some of the jokes have been done, like the take-off of the Chris Crocker video. Other than that, it was good

Torrunt responds:

I wrote the Chris Crocker part into the script ages ago when not many people made fun of it yet.


thats pretty damn funny. i liked the voice acting t was really good.


it's alright. animation and voicing was very smooth.
if you put in some music and timed your jokes, it coulda been awesome

Hooray for toothpaste man!

I like the voice acting very much.