Reviews for "[fishes]"


I liked it because it had real meaning. I do believe each day is new and we do what we like in it. But it was great. 10/10.


i loved it , it was so meaningful it made me think and i love the art style too

A view into your personal universe

Your minds own constructed reality recreated for everyone to see. Thanks for sharing.

Well done!

This was VERY well done. The music most definately set the tone for it and fit it to a T. Also, the animation was very nice; crude in some parts, and nice and clean looking in others, giving it an all-round great look. Nice blending of animation with video capture as well.

One note on constructive criticism would just be to try and spice up the text. You put many transitions in, but the text still seemed bland, though very powerful in its meaning.


Wow, this was very poetic and really insightful, I hardly doubt I'll be able to do anything again without considering what it means in the greater scheme of my day :) Glad to see you're still making animations, great music too.

notorious responds:

wow long time no see, i thought you left newgrounds man

thanks for the good review!