Reviews for "[fishes]"


great in every aspect.

Art, animation, sound, story.


notorious responds:


Probably the coolest flash ive seen on Newgrounds

But dude smile, remember insignificant is also fun, crazy, and powerful all at the same time.

notorious responds:

lmao i'm not depressed nor does this poem even apply to me that much

Pretty Damn Good!

I am very impressed....I read the reviews below me and decided that people need to actually here this.

First- This was a great video
Second- You were not forced to watch this and do not need to bash everything that comes along that is not your cup of tea.
Third- the animation bring back a time when things were simpler and a artists (no not some spoiled over paid singers) actually meant something

Well Here you go
Signed Mord


I really enjoyed this.
At first i wasnt really sure
what was going on and then
it all hit me.

Very nice!

Great flash

I don't care if the mesage wasn't the point, what you said made me think alot.

This just proved to me life is mostly meaningless and so is death, but it just also taught me that theres no such thing as a meaningful life, all we can do is prolong the meaningless life to avoid the unknown death.