Reviews for "[fishes]"


i made an account just to review this!
this was really good in my opinion. your aim to create an atmosphere definitely hit the mark.
was there any reason you chose fish? i think that it has a psychological meaning (from Jung) related to jesus or god. i first thought you might have meant that everything is important.
anyways, keep up the great work!

notorious responds:

hey i love it when people get different interpretations from my work.

The fish were supposed to represent the similarity in activities, mindlessness, just stuff we do in general, and how there are so many.

hauntingly Beautiful

definitely see waking life. An check out a book called sophies world.

notorious responds:

3rd person who's told me to watch waking life

The Most Artistic Submission I've Seen

Its an amazing piece of art and writing. The music is chaotic but structured, much like the unconscious life we lead; as you so eloquently put. The art is also much like the message you are portraying. Your writing is very heartfelt, something I'm sure all of us can relate to at some point in our lives. Fantastic.


free wil (the lack of)

i have already deduced that almost every action commited by a sane human, can be attributed to these conditions:
continuing of personal life, or the next generation
raising the chance of mating
getting a better mate, or more mates
increasing these chances for the next generation (personal child)

when you learn this, and truely understand it, then you will have free will.
because you will be able to truely control your descisions. aside from the fact that they are still all unconciously controlled :P


Fantastic! It reminded me of when I was 16 and then I check your profile and alas, you're 16! Great! I hope you keep evolving over the years so that when you're 23 I have to go to the movies to watch your latest film, rather than NG! :D

notorious responds:

i'm workin on it :)