Reviews for "[fishes]"


If you call this experimental you're far off, nor is it abstraction, but more so a form of allusions and ultimately a conveying subject of nihilism, the absolute lowest form of Metaphysica. We know not what we can know because we're within the system etc ., lawl humans are more than just 10^28 atoms kid, we're a unity of those atoms with the ability and intelligibility to control them. Your overtone of nihilism is annoying and quite frankly Emo-ish, kind of lame.

notorious responds:


you thought that was emo

you have a lot to learn

why don't you review more on the artwork, animation, sound etc. instead of just the idea

Hey, dude...

I am not a fan. Honestly, don't sit there and rhotoscope. That's my own personal belief, and i agree with unreal-entertainment, that it's cheap. But not why I'm giving the bad review. Dude, if you beleive you are that insignifigant, then you have some issues my friend. As 99,999 rise up, each are signifigant in their own life, a small protagonist in their own life. As 99,999 rise up to grab the truth admist the heavens and the stars, will you reach with the? Or will show different means of aquiring the pinacle of what is not insignifigant, not another ant, but a man. A thinking human being who has the gift, and duty, to contemplate his/her actions to show their intelligence and use it. Don't solicitize somewhat depressing insigingance, but reach for the truth and let your means shine with the ends and show 99,999 are not the same. That in every human's life, it's 99,999 vs 1 and the one will always win in it's book.

notorious responds:

ugh i keep telling people that this poem isn't based off of the way i feel, not completely at least. Though maybe I should have made that more clear. I just picked a subject and wrote a poem about that. It's for a longer movie so right here it's out of context and you'd think it'd be my personal opinion, but it's actually that of the character in the movie.


Not a fan of rotoscoping with flash, i think its a cheap way out of animation

notorious responds:

a. this wasn't helpful

b. only the first minute was rotoscoped