Reviews for "[fishes]"

Great Work

The intro really draws you in and the abstract art/styles keep you interested through the entire piece great work.

hauntingly Beautiful

definitely see waking life. An check out a book called sophies world.

notorious responds:

3rd person who's told me to watch waking life

great work

L really liked it nice work the animation was pretty awesome evrething was just ok

notorious responds:

everything is pretty ok

Loved it

The visuals are very sublimal and stuff the poetry is good and you are awesome.

notorious responds:

i am pretty nic

free wil (the lack of)

i have already deduced that almost every action commited by a sane human, can be attributed to these conditions:
continuing of personal life, or the next generation
raising the chance of mating
getting a better mate, or more mates
increasing these chances for the next generation (personal child)

when you learn this, and truely understand it, then you will have free will.
because you will be able to truely control your descisions. aside from the fact that they are still all unconciously controlled :P