Reviews for "[fishes]"

very nice...

I didn't like it at first but when you got to the live action and the [fishes] I got into it alot great little project you have here! and I completly agree with most of what you say here and I think your one of the fes people who understand when people like me say "Tomarrow never comes."

notorious responds:

glad you agree and liked the animation!


It was relaxing and really pleasing for the eyes and ears, good choice of music.You did really well on the rotoscoping part.If the texts was yours well it deserves a song or somethin' I really aprreciated it ,well written and you have a good sense of timing maybe you play some instrument?thx for the few minutes of peace

Not too shabby!

You know, I didn't think that would be all that good, but it surprised me, and it's very true, those idea's you put in there. I was wondering why it was called fishes but you explained that in the end which was also good. And I like the ant analogy, that was good too. Nice animations too, keep up the good work! One thing though, make the writing last longer, some of it went by a bit too quickly to make out, but otherwise, good job.

its sad.

Liked it, it was put together perty good to get your message of how you feel right now. I've also found myself thinking this way, I am 1 of billions out their what makes me special right? well first off all, dude you got talent, and not many people can get through and influence peoples way of thinking like u did with this flash. You'll get through this phase, i did, n when you do try to use that talent to make somethin possitive, something that gives more meaning to life cause cmon iknow you need to expreess how you feel, but do u really want to poisen other people with this way of thinkin? Well good luck with the art.

kick ass!

ur animation style is like mine, its cool. nice rotoscoping. i have the same bed covers as you lol. you use a tablet right? using a mouse for somthing like this would be murder i tells ya