Reviews for "[fishes]"

Nice work

Quite good idea, creative and philosophical. Just like my mind, but awesomely turned real in this animation.

notorious responds:

'TheothelordKhantos' sure sounds like a philosopher's username

I don't review much

But this reminds me I should more often. This is just incredible. And it does leave one with quite a feeling, like one might indeed be very insignificant in this world. And for all intents and purposes, that's pretty true. Most of us will not be remembered. Great job.

notorious responds:


life is like... yeah

yur crazy dude. i know a llot of pewple dont like the experimental films as much but i think it was deep. great. it's an idea that's been used before but not enough for it to be cliche. hi-five! yeah.


First off, very nice job. I loved all the metaphors and your word play. Not to mention that you managed to combine 3 very controversial and interesting art mediums. Keep up the good work I would love to see more of your style!

Nice meaning.

It was a great film, done well.

You lost a point becuase of the sound at the end. I had to turn my speakers down eitherwise it hurt my ears, and it kindof pulled me out of the film.

Otherwise, very nice.