Reviews for "[fishes]"

are you really 16???

fuck, man, your brain will soon explode.

all right, i dont understand your movie, cause i dont understand philosofy ( i like the sintetised philosofy of Enrique Pinti, than the Aristoteles), but, ill try to say what i understand of your film:

1. we live in a random system that we dont coose, he chose as without concern of it
2. that system is never ending, and not unique, something we are doing, somebody else is doing it, he did it, gonna do it, or make the contrary.
3.we are part from a system that its part of another bigger system of a bigger system, of a bigger system....
4. we follow that system witout thinking, because we did it so much times that we take it like "stuff of all days"
5. this movie is called Fishes because we follow the flow
6. this film talk about conformism.

well, its all that i understand from your movie (i hope being right on)

PS: sorry, im not goodat english

notorious responds:

you got it down, buddy.

Glad you liked it thanks for the good review!

That's sure worked for me...

"...is a collection of imagery, film and music to build an intense atmosphere..."
That's sure worked for me, I found it really immersive with many deep different feelings. I found it fantastic but like all the art work this depend a lot on the person is watching, for some other this cold mean nothing.

Why don't you show your work in some short film competition or festival I'm sure you've some good chance, I'm not speaking about the technical part but for wich concern the artistic part, that in my opinion is very good, i'm say good not like thing you can find usually on the net but like a professional work.

Just some advice that I think could improve the movie...
1- Put a "Play" and a "Pause" button.
2- Increase the volume of the music, it's my pc or is very very low.
3- Use some more soft-edge fonts for the writing or better different ones that match with a particular part of the movie, this would improve a lot the feeling expressing of the writings.
4- Some time the animation on the background have too much bright and contrast, I know that that is the effect that you would obtain but sometime it's hard to see even something.

notorious responds:

Thanks, what I really plan on doing is moving away from the internet more to a film-fest like environment.

The volume on the music, especially near the end is actually quite loud. It might be your PC.

Thanks for the helpful review, i take note of all of this kind of stuff.


thats all I can say really, other than very well done.

The ants part makes me think of a Korean movie called 'Oldboy', and if you haven't already seen it, I would definitely suggest it to you.


a very depressing tale of your life in the city, I like it although I cannot relate to it. great work, very effective animation.

real interesting

i get it, i understand it, and this is just another perspective to ponder. and i enjoy it!
great animation!