Reviews for "[fishes]"


Great piece of animation/video art. Looked good, sounded good, and had a clear message.
Powerful work, keep it up!


You're a genius in your respect. But you just don't see it, maybe you will.

Maybe you won't. Maybe when you do, you will see it's beauty, or maybe you won't, inwhich case depression grabs

notorious responds:


My review will be nearly as long as Snappler's,

but i understand your message of a routine, repetitious lifestyle. This really convays the feelings I've had on a regular basis. Very cool. Very conceptual.

Loved It

i thought it was amazing and very well thought out and executed Well done!

fishes float like ideas in serene ponds of gray

Oh my freakin' god. This is one of the best experimental Flash movies ever. An experimental poem, with experimental pictures, packed with experimental music, in an experimental package.* Anyways, to make the long review short, this is freakin' cool.

*A sentance with the overdose of the word 'experimental'.