Reviews for "[fishes]"


So awesome... i loved this flash, especially the message behind it.
It was really deep, the text was really good and it made me think.

You get a 10/10, mainly, because of the message, the text and the atmosphere. And, of course, a daily 5/5.

notorious responds:



I don't have much more to say than that was an epic animation. I liked it, the concept hooked me like, well, a fish. Chalk that one up under the Irony column.

5/5 10/10

Great Job....realize though-

You did a great job of expressing your feeling, its just you dont see that we are all different. All unique. We humans are all different colors, speak different languages, and think different ways. If everyone thought they were so insignificant, many of the realizations of the world would not be known today. For where it takes many to blend in, it only takes 1 to stand out. Think ahead, think positive, move forward, release yourself from your cell of mediocrity. Heh...I guess being somewhat of a poet helps here....10 out of 10.

notorious responds:

thanks for the good review and i see your point and understand i just wanted to make something with an impact, sometimes i do feel that way but yeah i know everybody's special! :)

WOW! This is just...

This is EXACTLY what I always think dude, I'm glad someone finally understands what I mean! We're all just little ants, with little destinations, I mostly have that feeling on the highway, everyone goes somewhere, and when I sleep, someone else wakes up... I really enjoyed watching it, and I'm glad someone understands me :)

notorious responds:

lol thanks for the good review

good stuff

i like the animation..good stuff