Reviews for "[fishes]"


I've been waiting for a long time for more of your stuff, and this was way cool. You've sort of moved on from horror/experimental, and to sort of a philosophical sense, and its really awesome. You are my idol to all extents. This was too me, why I come to Newgrounds. Your frame by frame was really impressive in this piece. And the outlineish art really added a lot to it. The music was great, and though it didn't exactly stand out, it really added a whole lot to it. I just sort of zoned out during this flash, and you really blew me away. Pastel colors never looked so good. Nice job.

notorious responds:

thanks for the awesome review and it's people like you which is why i still even post my stuff here, though maybe not for much longer.

Really glad you enjoyed it my fans are one of my biggest motivations!


Why don'y you see it? You say it but you don't get the jist of it. A billion insignicant people all just the same, only varied by a few codes in their Dna. This is everyone, all insiginificant. But you forget something. Though we seem all the same when looked through a telescope, we have something that makes us significant. Our imagination. Our love. Our hate. Our greed.Our logic and illogic. We may retire every night, but at night we do a truly significant thing among the unsignificant.

We Dream

notorious responds:

^^excellent review

Ah Syncronicity, Our destinies are intertwined.

I give you a A for effort.

And you know, effort is all that really matters. Sure, You could Get caught up in semantics, like Style, Music, and presentation, But that doesn't really matter to much. You Made an effort.

Which is more than I can say, I cannot comment on your work as such because, I, Have not made such an effort. You went on the creative Limb and emerged with somthing that you wanted to express. I respect that. And thats what I score you on. You Kept a stiff upper lip and spoke your mind. Now reguardless of what I, Or anyone else has to say, Give Kudos to yourself, for finishing.

I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you.

10/10 ~ Oiaz

not bad

a very creative peace of every day life.

there were some parts that puzzled me though

good job.

Really makes you think...

Thats what I love most most about expirimental flashes,
They have the tendency to make you think differently.
This, was one of those flashes.