Reviews for "Where's Edgey?"


That was by far one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile lol
keep up the good work man

Insensitive. But hilarious.

I remember it from Family Guy, but the animation you did to go with it was great and me it an enjoyable flash. Good job :D

The ending...

Is absolutely EPIC!

I loved the hidden things like the shoop etc. First review in a while. Nice job!


Oh, PLEASE!!!!!

PLEASE, what is the title of the CD that the end music is from?! PLease tell me! Thanks!

Good flash too! :)

Ellescene responds:

Hi there! Thanks for the comments!

The credits song is from the Tsubasa Chronicles Original Soundtrack - Future Soundscape I. Hope that helped! :)

i favorited it

i think that says enough.