Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"

if only

this was played while fighting 02
i love ALL versions of 02's theme but this one,
this one is by far the best one iv heard!

My favorite Kirby song of all time!

I do agree with you that this song and the boss fight are totally out of place in a Kirby game. I also think that they made it the greatest Kirby game of all time. It was the contrast that was so gripping. You're playing this cute bouncy sidescroller all the way through, and then there's a dark, chaotic fly-by-rail boss fight with a demonic angel. The first time I played it, I was so surprised I died off the bat. It's so out of place in a Kirby game that it forces you to take it seriously. Anyway, great remix, thank you very much!


This is pretty badass. I'm soooo using this for upbeat battle mood music when I'm fighting something! Simply put, I love it. 10 of 10 for you good sir!

geat song

I rate it 1000

Just awesome great work please keep up