Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"

i didn't remember that you have made this ^^

but because of my darn stupid umm...where the voise comes out of your computer :D (darn i forgot what it was in english) i can't hear this pretty loud so i'l just vote 5 and hope that it is just as good as it seems like...

Rockin Remix

Gotta be honest, you did a great job making a remix. this can fit in with a final battle scene, quite similar to what xionico made. hope you make more as epic as this one

Awesome Job, as usual!

Another amazing remix. I actually prefer your version to the original. Well done!


Holy Shit, this song is Epic as freakin' Hell! This is going on my favs list for DAMN sure man! Keep up the awesome work, and amazing job w/ this epic masterpiece!


P.S. This song goes perfectly for that 1 scene in Xionic Madness eps. 4 prt 2 when Kary unlocks her powers to full.

When I first startedd listening it sounding like the original but then...EPICNESS!!!!!