Reviews for "GaMetal - Zero Two (Kirby 64)"


sounds like the original but is obviously not just a copy

Nobuo Uematsu called...

He wants his Black Mages band back ^_^

Awesome Job, as usual!

Another amazing remix. I actually prefer your version to the original. Well done!

Just one word: EPIC

First time heard this was in Xionic madness 4.2, when Kary unlocks all her power... And made me feel like I had to have the song. AWESOME WORK!!!!!!!! KEEP UP!!!!!

This tune definitely adds the term "Epic" to a very fun game...
Sorry to hear about your thumb though...
But I'm surprised to hear you pushed through your pain, risking future damage for our enjoyment. Kudos to you and your bravery! *tips visor* Keep up the wonderful work!
By the way, how's your thumb doing? Fully heal I hope during the last 2 years. ^.^

I admit...
When I hear this, I can envision two powerful people preparing for a fight... The final fight of their lives.

[Though I admit, hearing it during the Xionic Madness series, that was EPIC!!] \(>.<)/