Reviews for "Dress my Babe 6"

Best game ever

What more can I say. This is one of the best dress up games ive ever played.


it totaly awsome game


i loved all of the clothes, the darth vader helm was kinda creepy tho :P. where are those puzzles you talk about in the instructions? i jus waited till i had enough money to buy everything. it would be nice to not have to wait.

Best dress up game ever!

Its good, but there are flaws.
1. The F.A.Q. page appears to be a picture. Is there something i dont know?
2. The buttons on the girl are too small and hard to find.
3. I think it's just my computer, but I cant see the very bottom of the game, causing problems. Help?

Other than that i liked the game, and all the options you have. Deserves a 5/5 10/10

The secrets are really hard to find

best one ever

out of this world but the one problems is every five min., you get cash. it should be every two min.