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Reviews for "Dress my Babe 6"


this game makes you put itme into it, without just messing wiht the sexual things, you can do some cool tihngs wihtout sexuailty. very good

I love this game!

But I want the cheats badly!



Best dress up game ever

This game is the best dress up game EVER. You must be proud of yourself after doing such a good game. The girl is really beatifull, his body is very well made, the secrets are very exciting... I created a lot of diferent girls with this game!

Please, think about a sequel. DMB7 would be the most awesome thing ever!


The only thing I didn't liked about it is the fact you can't change the skin color of the girl, and you can't change the size of her boobs/butt. It would be good in a sequel.

Again, congratilations. You are one of the best artists I ever seen :D

Better than the others!? How!?

I have played Dress My Babe IV and V (Sadly not having the patience for Dial-up to go through with the others..) and my God, this is beyond Terrific! Thank you for making this and this series of games. If they just keep getting beter then may I asked if there is a possibilty of #7?