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Reviews for "Dress my Babe 6"

good stuff that

Prestine game, best part? no fucking mochi adds, i understand that artists need to make money so i donated a hefty sum for your work, because i did enjoy it much. i never give games and movies 5 because of the adds, no adds they have the potential to get 5... and if they have adds in between the game well they get a 0 but like i said if i could give you 6 i would but i'm sending you a lump of cash instead. kudos

I has question.

Good game,but it's very time-consuming to earn money. And where are the secrets?


Secrets take a while to work... but overall, the dress up is one of the most distinct and excellently made.

I hope you will contiune the great work

Good job!!!

some issues, but still great

The adult options wouldn't work for me, and I also wished that there were save files for seperate women, and that the game would remember what you did last time, and kept money and such.