Reviews for "Dress my Babe 6"

The Best of The Best

I really enjoyed this game, and many of your other dress up games. But, you could've maybe added a save feature for us who just want to mess around with the items. There is still many things that could be fixed. If anyone is wanting to buy all the items from the shop, I'd reccomend downloading the standalone version from their forums. It helps out A LOT.


OMG! I playd fur like, 3 hours strait! Did not get board! But some some of the extrs I could not get to work... Oh well:)

To Shygypsy

Ok Shygypsy , how to get te invasion : after you have all the adult secrets, you click on both invasion. Then click on the pussy as well. Wen a ugly red thing gos up, click on the red thing. Then the red thing gos up in you vagina as well. Then quickly press on the pussy again . And their you go ;)

very well done


very well made game

Nice tits

Amazing fucking great dress-up game