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Reviews for "Clayos the game: Demo"

can' wait til the full game!

this is a kick-ass game, another great from KrEid! it's like a mix of KrEid's videos and lemmings, but it's pulled off brilliantly without ripping off lemmigs or making a tacky spin-off! i'm looking forward to the full game, os get it made until i finish the extra hard levels! (oh yeah, and try posting up some walkthroughs for naff players like me! =D)

Kreid responds:

Simple gameplay, no walkthrough needed tbh

great game

i love the difficult lvl but on lvl 30 if you die you cant retry the lvl oh and that was a kool robot:

Kreid responds:

yeah, i need to fix that in the full version, or add a skip button on each level

Great idea

Lol I had an idea very similar to this! I think its a really cool leamings type game. Just an idea that I had would be that one "clay man" could be used to help the next clay man. example would be, a certain type of clay man like a "digger" must first get to the dig zone so that the next one can drop through his hole to the exit.

So you could have all different types,

just an idea, keep it up :)

Pretty good idea but...

The idea and premise are great but the collision detection with the platforms is a bit shoddy (especially when moving the platforms).

Kreid responds:

All part of progress tbh.
Will improve the collision


it'd be nice if there were more abilities though. maybe a way to make the claymen stop moving forward or even reverse direction?

Kreid responds:

oh knoes, its you again XD, just kidding, yeah, in the full version, when u get into the harder levels, you unlock clayos characters, such as rick the mechanic, and these have special POWAAA